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How Not To Suck At Divorce

Mar 3, 2022

We are back with part two with the fabulous Dr. Randy Heller. If you missed part one, you'll definitely want to listen to last week's episode first.

Today we're talking about how to co-parent effectively and why co-parenting should be viewed as a business relationship.

Dr. Heller answers:

How is a family therapist different than a regular therapist?

How can we co-parent effectively?

How can we protect kids during a divorce?

Will kids be ok if we get divorced?

How can I get my spouse or ex to agree to family therapy?

What if my spouse or ex is a narcissist or has bipolar disorder?

How to find a family therapist in your area.

The best ways to manage the business of co-parenting.

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Andrea Rappaport

Morgan L. Stogsdill


Where you can find Dr. Randy Heller:

646-717-6718 (NY)

954-236-4490 (FL and CT)